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Sept 24

Next Saturday, September 24th, is Public Lands Day and Museum Day.. This means most national lands will have free entry that day and with a printout of the Museum Day ticket, you can go to a participating museum for free.

I highly recommend everyone take part in Public Lands Day if there is a participating location near you.

And use free museum day to check out the local museum you've always wondered about.

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GODAMNIT SKYE! You got my hopes up! I was expecting so much more man cleavage.

Still, that was some nice shirtless Chris Hemsworth and I hope there's more of that in the Avengers movie. I mean, how hard will it be for the writers to come up with a reason for Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Chris Evans (Captain America) to rip off their shirts? :D

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Troubled Nuclear Plants = Cartoon Characters with Indigestion

Copied, with permission, from midorigirl:

"And only Japan could describe the nuclear problem in terms of the power plant needing to take a shit. *siiiiiigh*
Farts = Hydrogen explosions
Shit = "Meltdown"
Medicine = Sea Water and Boric Acid
Diaper = Containment unit
Doctors = Nuclear scientists

Summed up, Fukushima has a really bad stomachache and wants to poop. But people won't like that since it will be really smelly. So, it farts in an effort to hold it in. Doctors feed it medicine and slap a diaper on it.
Three Mile Island also had to poop, but it held it in.

...Chernobyl? Wasn't wearing a diaper, was running around while pooping and having diarrhea. *groans*
And nuclear shit is too heavy to fly. Thank god. Flying shit is the last thing this country needs. ^^ "

I have to admit - after that video, I feel like I understand the situation a little better. The average person knows very little about nuclear power, but probably understands indigestion. The US media is confusing and full of conflicting, fear-inducing reports. It shows, too, when I eavesdrop listen to the conversations of those around me and many people say they're buying iodine tablets or that they say a cloud of radiation will cover the world by 2015.

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What do you mean eating bugs isn't normal?

It's not really a surprise that moving means I'm going to experience culture shock, even within our own country, but when it happens, I'm always left with a one of two feelings:

1.) "What the hell is that? Why are they all acting like it's normal? Things are weird out here...."


2.) "Why the hell are they looking at me like that? Did I do or say something strange?"

Not always the exact thoughts, but those are two general feelings.

Today in class was no exception. Our professor was telling us that humans have trehalase, an enzyme needed to break down trehalose, a sugar found in bugs. This then led to a quick discussion about some cultures eating bugs as food. Everyone else in the class proceeded to express disgust and shock at the thought of eating bugs. I was left sitting there with a "So what?" reaction. The strength of my classmates reactions puzzled me, so at break I asked my study partner if bug candy was common on the East Coast. She looked baffled, so I tried to explain. When I mentioned that bug lollipops were commonplace in Southern California (seriously, you can find them in most candy shops, roadside stores like Hadleys, and in gas station marts) her eyes got really large. "With real bugs?" She had never heard of them and I'd be willing to wager that most of my classmates are in the same boat.

So, I'm now curious. Flist, have you heard of the bug lollipops or chocolate covered ants? Have you seen them? Have you eaten them? Is it just a Southern California thing?


PS - If you're curious, you can order the candies online.
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Snow day!

My first day of classes might be delayed due to snow.

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the "snow day" thing. Oh, don't get me wrong - I'd appreciate an extra day or two to unpack and get settled in. It's just.... a "snow day?" At my age? Hee!

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2010 movies and plays

Looking at a list of 2010 movie releases, I realized I saw five movies and five plays.
1.) How to Train Your Dragon
2.) Kick Ass
3.) Iron Man 2
4.) Prince of Persia
5.) Harry Potter 7 Part 1

As for plays, in 2010 I saw:
1.) Whisper House
2.) Boeing Boeing
3.) King Lear
4.) Taming of the Shrew
5.) Madness of George III
...all at the Old Globe.

Man, I have a lot of catching up to do!

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Comic Con 2011

Comic Con 2011 registration is now open. $105 for all four days. I recommend buying your tickets ASAP if you know you're going. They've only been available for about an hour now and are 13% sold out. (I think because it includes the four-day passes that were sold at con.)


[EDIT: Comic Con is apparently having server problems, so who know when registration will work. The Twitter search results for #sdcc have been entertaining, though.]

[2nd EDIT: Goodness. The servers crashed so hard, a new registration date will be announced next week.]